About Me 


With over 25 years of private research in a wide number of the record offices and libraries across Northern England and Southern Scotland resulting in a number of publications. (click here for Publications page) I feel I know my way around the records dealing with families, businesses and buildings.  I am also an experienced public speaker, and have a range of prepared talks suitable for various groups.


Printed source about a local auction


With a successful career in a scientific discipline and having also completed a certificate in local History at Lancaster University, I have a wide range of research and analytical skills.


My research interests over the last 25 years have been fairly wide ranging including :


  • Brick making and their use in various buildings.
  • Coal mining in north Cumbria.
  • Lime kilns and lime burning and the use of lime both in agriculture and other uses.
  • The mining and use of gypsum in the Eden valley.
  • Transport especially of coal and lime both on roads and also in early railways.

With a deep interest in buildings in general, their architecture and building history, I have an ever expanding data base of information on buildings, businesses and people in the region.