hush carrock mine

A small hush to attempt to find the vein at Carrock End copper mine. The vein ran across the face of the fell and it is possible that this hush actually was to low down and missed the vein.

carookcend mine dam 1

The earth and stone dam at the top of thew hush. It appears to be filled from drainage down the fell and a possible spring. Behind the dam is what appears to be a grassed over quarry was it the supply for the stone in the dam.

carrock end mine dam 1a

 The remains of the sluice with its stone supports.


This mine had a second hush this is further along the fell above the first adit. This hush is different to most other hushes that run straight down the hill, this runs diagonally across the hill along the line of the vein. However rather than going in a straight line to the bottom of the hill where the main mine was sited. The hush has a 90o turn down the hill to the north of the mine. The short piece of vein below this corner has not been worked at the surface. At the bottom of the hush there is a channel off take to a small reservoir that supplied water to the dressing floor. The hush was fed from a dam which was filled from natural springs. Was this hush used after hushing as a water supply for the dressing floor. It also appears that the leat from Carrock Beck discharged into the bottom of the hush before being directed to the reservoir.


carrock end mine 2nd hush

The dam and top of hush going diagonally down the fell. 

hush roughtengill2

Hush in Roughten Gill NY 29821 35718.





silverband hush

A very long and deep hush running down from the Silver Band mine on Great Dun Fell down into Knock Ore Gill. starting at NY 70170 31614 running to NY 70310 30239.

an adit was driven into the bottom of the hush.

knock hush1a

Another deep long hush Knock Hush running across Green Fell and dropping into Swindale Beck. Running from NY 71441 19715 to NY 71153 29114.



Hush running down from Corn Rigg running from a small dam at NY 71886 37321 to Corn Rigg Syke at NY 71696 37181.

There are a number small dressing floors either side of the hush and a number of shafts towards the bottom.



Hush on the south slope of Cross Fell from a dam at NY 69455 33925 into Crowdundle Beck at NY 69610 33459.



Front of dam for the above hush. 

track crossing hush

The hush lower down is crossed by the track from blencarn past Tees Head to Garrigill. Dry stone walls have been built across the hush to carry the track.


hush and damSILVER KELL WEL

The dam in the foreground across the picture with the hush running away downhill at Silver Kell Well mine NY 829 198.