National Grid ref NY  615 590


Cumbria HER no 10451


Width of each arch 3.6m


2 oval pots 5.2 X 3.4m both stone lined


Draw eyes in left kiln 2  right side colapsed.


large quarry to side (right) with a small explosive store.


Railway access at front.


Thes kilns were part of the Earls of Carlisle estate and were built after the opening of the railway to Midgeholme in 1835. Documents in the Carlisle Archive suggest that James Thompson the Earl of Carlisle's coal and lime agent suggested that two lime kilns should be built in 1834 at an approximate cost of £ 100. In 1835 they had not been built but there was another suggestion that a second pair should be built for a similar sum.


They probably were worked intermittently through into the 20th century.


Coal would be supplied from the Earl's local pits including Henry and Bishop Hill pits (Rope worked incline to the west of the kilns), and Riggfoot near the junction of the branch serving the kilns.


References  Lord Carlisle's Railways  Brian Webb and David Gordon 1978.


 Carlisle Record Office Howard records file 590.

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