This is a large commercial kiln situated just off the route of theRoman road from the Eden valley to South Tyne Valley (Maiden Way).


The site is not shown on the 1st edition OS map (1868) but is shown on the second edition (1891).


Examination of the kiln shows that it lined with firebricks with a mark 'H & Co'. These bricks were manufactured by Harriman and Co a brick works at their works at Blaydon. These bricks appear not to have been fired and there is no evidence of any waste of lime or a previous brick lining in the area.


The limestone for this kiln was going to be quarried at 'Man at Edge' higher up Ladslack Hill. A self acting incline had been built to convey the limestone to the kiln and the tracks for this were still visible in the grass a few years ago. The route of the incline can be seen easily.


At the top of the incline is the ruins of a small building and the area were the drum for the incline was positioned. A small pile of limestone lumps is also to the side ready for transport to the kiln. The quarry to the side is quite small suggesting very little limestone has been removed.




Ousby Townhead  large commercial kiln NY 646 344


Cumbrian HER 11569.


ousby townhead

Overall height 10m.

width of each arch 2.1m


Single pot brick lined oval shaped 7m x 2m.


 draw eyes to each arch.  











manatedgeincline2Route of incline from quarry at Man at Edge to Ousby Townhead kiln.





































MANATEDGE building

Building at Man of Edge.



The top of the incline is in front to the right.




























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